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Motorbiking In Laddakh: World’s Highest Motorable Roads

Leh Laddakh is home to world’s highest, one of the isolated and most treacherous road networks. At 15,000 and 18,000 feet above sea level, even the motorbike one’s riding on, starts losing its life. And this keeps people away from experiencing it. During my recent two months of a backpacking trip across Europe. I met so many people, who showed their interest of visiting India, and Jammu Kashmir, Laddakh, in particular. But not while keeping safety at stake. And with that in mind, I’ve created an end-to-end travel package to Laddakh – that not only guarantees security during your time travelling in Laddakh, but also takes care of everything. Even filming!  

Trek to Foota Saur

If ‘Foota Saur’ trek is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Pir Punjal range, there’s a reason for it. Foota Saur, popular for its mythical and religious views, can often be found crowded with local people, celebrating religious rituals. Located in Hallan Valley, of Kullu district, in Himachal Pradesh, Foota Saur is often the final resting place for the local deity before making it back to where they came from. Overlooking Hallan, and abundant in natural treasures, the valley of Hallan can be founded surround by snow clad mountains, perennial streams, waterfalls, and lush green forests; or complete white, full of snow. It can be the seventh heaven for any traveller! Itinerary: Day 0: Departure from Delhi in the evening. Day 1:  Reaching Manali and to the base camp, and orientation. Overnight stay at basecamp, in Shila Ka Padar. Day 2:  Shila Ka Padar to Shaddu Patthar (4-6 hours walk) Day 3:  Shaddu Patthar to Foota Saur (4-6 hours walk) Day 4:  Foota Saur to Saura Gin (5-7 hours walk) Day 5:  Sauragin to …