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Solitary Camps: Near Manali

When in 2003 a local deity passed through Gauard, a flat and cosy meadow, surrounded by the giant cedar tree forest, the place gained its own religious significance. Someone explained it as “the resting place” for the Gods, before making it to higher energy, in FootaSaur.

I stumbled upon Gauard, in Hallan Valley, while searching for a campsite suitable for no-gamers, for the kind of people who would want to relax, sunbathe, watch stars, shower in a waterfall and experience the idea of living in the woods. Without losing any comfort, and having the freedom of ordering a Cod or a Falafel, in Gauard, tourists can find a perfect balance of wilderness and holiday. Located over 2,000 metres above sea level, Guard offers an off-the-map and away-from-people destination near Manali.

Own this place for…

1,490 Rupees/day/person.

What’s Included

 All Meals and Unlimited Hot Drinks | tent2 Tents | sleeping1 Sleeping Bags | plumber3 Drinking Water | camp1 Daily Bonfire |  Pickup/Drop From Manali | Trek To Pandugi Waterfall

Available on Request

cooking3 Barbeque | walk12 Trekking/Hiking |  Paragliding | fish58 Fishing | rope4 Rope Activities | Pickup/Drop From New-Delhi


Write me on mentioning how many people and how many days you want the campsite for, and I will reserve the place for you.

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