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After quitting my job and travelling uninterruptedly for the past two years, I became familiar with India like the back of my hand! During this time, I had ventured down small lanes and explored many offbeat places. Places, not mentioned in guidebooks, and away from the crowds. The basis of those discoveries, I’ve handpicked a few camping sites and trekking locations, and around them, created my own trademarked tours. The best thing about FootlooseDev tours is that I run all the tours by myself, and make sure you get the best experience by either attending you as your personal guide or working as your tour-curator. The hosts you’ll be meeting during your trip are moreover the people I met and made friends with, during my travels; and yes, you can rely on them!

Since the tours listed on this website are directly handled and organised by me, it keeps the tour-cost a ‘good value for money’ with most of the profit directly going to local hosts.

To know more about me, visit my travel blog: FootlooseDev.

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